My name is Jacob Assouline, and I am a 16 year old photographer from Seattle, Washington.

This website showcases my photos from all over the world. I especially love taking photos of national parks, city skylines, and nature.

I offer prints of all my photos in all sizes, and all materials. Materials include, thin aluminum, beautiful canvas, adjustable xpozer, sleek acrylic, and smooth glass. One of my most popular products are fun, kids and adults puzzles. These puzzles, are fun, high quality, inspiring, and entertaining for the whole family. (Due to the coronavirus, products will only be available in the Seattle, WA area.)

If you are interested in any my products or just want to learn more about them, feel free to fill out the form below, email me at jsafoto1@gmail.com or call me at 206-482-5295.

Tap or click photo to enlarge; All photos by Jacob Assouline; For purchasing contact JSA FOTO contact info above